Blender Videotutorial + Music

Hello there!
I'll be hosting Blender videotutorials on this blog. We'll be building cool abstract/motion graphics stuff. Things we can easily build but also modify till we get something we like. No talking (for this one). I'll use some nice music so you can sit back and enjoy. For the first videotutorial I'm using text captions to further explain the process. You'll have to be just a tiny bit familiar with Blender's interface to follow.
We'll build a simple, yet flexible system and then build two basic scenes around it, one using Blender Internal renderer and another one using Cycles. Enjoy:

Music is CC by Silence. Album: L'autre endroit. Pretty sweet stuff. You can listen to the entire album (or even download it) by clicking the widget below.

  Royalty Free Music - Stock Music Library | Jamendo PRO

Make sure you take a look at the tutorial results. Feel free to experiment and create your own systems and environments. Use different particles, and fiddle with the particle colors. Since they're resposible for illuminating the scene they also set the 'mood' for it. Just by changing the rotation values for the icospheres creates an entirely new animation for your system. Have fun!

Get the final .blend files here.