Videotutorial: Easy to build, fast to render.

Time for another videotutorial. We'll be building a cute, colorful scene that'll be easy to make and fast to render. You'll also understand why I've used music for my first videotutorial. I kinda hate the sound of my voice. It's also pretty hard for me (since English is not my native language) to think, translate, talk and work at the same time while recording. Hope I'll soon find the right way cause I got some sweet stuff to show you.

As always, plenty of room to improvise and experiment. Just by changing the depth for the magic texture you get a different set of colors for your mesh! I got a result video that takes the final scene from the video tutorial above and in a few, easy steps takes it to cycles for a cool render. Take a look and read below.

1) Delete the second mesh (the one using the wire material).
2) Change the renderer to Cycles Render.
3) At the mesh material, click use nodes. Change the surface to diffuse and pick a color.
4) Add a solidify modifier and set the thickness at 0.05-6.
5) Adujust the integrator (samples, bounces etc) and the render settings.
6) As you can see at the video above you might need to reposition your camera after the thickness modifier.

Get the video .blend file here.