Videotutorial: Cool Boids

We'll be using particles, force fields and boids physics to create a nice clip.

As always you can see the result in the video below. Feel free to experiment by using different types of objects for the particles to follow. You could also add some compositing nodes or change the render to Cycles, apply some simple materials and render the animation. Download the final .blend here.

If you want the particles to interact with your text you can do it by following some easy steps.
1) Clear the Harmonix Force Field of the outer text and apply a same Harmonix at the inner (blue) text.
2) Select the outer text (white) and hit Alt+C to convert it to a mesh object. Remove doubles if you want.
3) You can now enable collisions for the outer text. Add some stickness and friction for collision.
4) Don't forget to set the cache step to one and re-bake your particles before rendering the clip.