The Da Vinci Blend

We'll use Blender's grease pencil in a new, cool way and paint a famous 1473 portrait drawn by the Renaissance genious Leonardo Da Vinci. Music is CC by Tryad - Listen. Downloaded from Workflow is super simple here; open a background image and use the grease pencil to paint on it. Convert the grease pencil to a path curve and add a build modifier to animate the curve growth. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Check the result on the video below. You can clearly use this method to 'trace' any image or painting in Blender! Create multiple grease pencil layers and covert them to path cuves that use multiple depth settings (thickness) different colors etc. Create your own clips and have fun!

You can find the portrait image here (click to enlarge). As always, the final .blend file is available. Find it here.