Blender: Fractal-ish

Good to be back and sorry for the delay! I've been working with a cool software called Mandelbulb 3D and put together some nice fractal clips with it. My question after working with Mandelbulb was simple. Can I build something similar using Blender? Follow the tutorial to find the answer. Pretty easy stuff, we'll use the default cube and a few modifiers (mainly arrays). Enjoy!

See an animated result below. Note that I've applied the build modifier (had to delete the solidify too) so that it wouldn't affect the object geometry in time. Looks pretty nice and there are a lot of stuff you can try and experiment with when building your own scenes. You should also bring down the camera clipping start to the lowest possible value before taking close looks of your scene and object. You could try different modifiers, colors and even use Cycles for the render.

Download both the videotutorial result and the animation .blend file from Blendswap.