Blender On The Go!

Download link and more:
Blender on Android? It works but it could definitely be a lot better. See a simple videotutorial , learn how to install Blender on your Android devices and hear some of my thoughts on the current version. I'd really love a working Blender version on Android!

I've run several tests on it and even tried sculpting and animation. Grease pencil also works. Interaction could be much better even with a cheap touch screen capacitive pen. Far from perfect but a proof that it CAN be done.
- Blender on Android!
- Ability to work and render your scenes.
- Ideal for doodling and experimenting.
- Ability to save blend files and images.
- Running Blender on a 50 euros device!

- Unstable, especially with a mouse connected through an otg cable.
- When a mouse is connected, only LMB works.
- 3D viewport objects seen clearly only in wireframe mode.
- User interface & interaction issues. Most of the UI icons are absent.
- Can't see rendered images or material previews.