Blender: Open GL Rendering with Blender 2.74

Open GL rendering has been around in Blender for a very long time now. It's mainly a way of checking your scene's animation before rendering it using BI or Cycles. But with Blender 2.74 you can create pretty cool looking Open GL (also called viewport) renders that use Depth of Field and Ambient Occulsion. So grab 2.74 (or a recent build) and let's build a scene to see those features in action!

You can see the result on the video below. For this one I've also put the result at the start of the videotutorial. I'm pretty sure that you can create better, more complex scenes and then use Open GL to render them. Please note that the compositing is applied on the rendered image and not right after the render (like when you hit F12). Great thing about it is that it only takes a few seconds for a rendered image to appear. I would also love to see some anti aliasing here (even similar to the 2x, 4x etc seen on the Blender Game Engine) and it would also be nice to be able to add compositing right to the Open GL rendered images.

Take a look at the compositing nodes below. Nothing fancy here. I'm sure you can do better than that.

Get the final .blend file from Blendswap.