Blender: Round and round -and- my new Blog

Back with a new videotutorial and with a new blog! is the place where you'll find daily cg art made by me. Not sure if this will be updated every day but I'm starting this so I'll be motivated to work more and expand my horizons. Since the end result(s) will mainly be images I'll also be using cycles (and experimenting with it) as the render engine.
Please note that on the graphicsdaily blog I'll be using a variety of cg software to create cool images. Blender, Cinema 4D, Mandelbulb etc will be used. It's a nice creative challenge for me. Hopefully building scenes daily will also 'fuel' my videotutorial ideas too (finding the time to put them together will be slightly harder though). Let's see how it'll go.

I had some extra -free- time today so the first image of the new blog comes with a videotutorial. We'll use some simple modeling to build an interesting scene and render it using cycles. Some simple compositing will help us with the end result. Check the videotutorial below.

You can also check the video result on the following video. Please note that I've put the video together after finishing the tutorial but the procedure to do so is pretty simple. You can animate the torus Z axis rotation, or create an empty, make it a parent of the camera and animate the Empty on the Z axis (rot). As always feel free to experiment with the scene and settings. The video uses a small amount of (render) samples so feel free to increase them for your images or clips.

Get the final .blend file at Blendswap.