Blendermarket: FUT__KIT futuristic collection/kit

Very proud and happy to share my latest Blendermarket collection with you. FUT__KIT is the name and it's a Blender objects collection that offers a lot and costs little; ideal for both pros and hobbyists that need science fiction/futuristic objects for their scenes and renders. Check the short trailer below.

FUT__KIT features:
1) 96 Objects for your scenes and renders.
2) 4 Complex objects put in groups.
3) 3 Futuristic scenes using the file objects.
Three scenes and 100 objects! The objects have clean topologies, everything is named properly and use simple cycles materials. Everything is separated by layers; layers 1 to 3 host the three complete scenes put together with FUT__KIT. Layers 4 and 5 contain the 96 objects of the FUT__KIT collection. In layers 6 to 9 you can find the complex objects using mesh, subdivided mesh and curves. They’re all put in groups for easy adding/ appending into your scenes.

Check the scenes included on the images above and the objects on the images below.